Retrospective Thoughts


It was just a couple of days ago, while sipping on my daily cup of Chai (Hindi for “Tea”) , I had that typical once-in-a-while kind of a thought, “Things have changed, a lot” . Sigh. Even if I look back a week ago, I’d find major changes, let alone months and years. I still remember how I firmly decided to put up drapes in my room earlier this week and only yesterday I thought it’d get too dark if I do that. Anyways, at some point, many of us would have decided upon things and never did them. There’d be bucket lists kept unchecked, missed calls or messages that we didn’t reply to, that one DIY we learnt up from YouTube and left unfinished or even that one story we started writing but got too busy to complete it. Once, what was the most important to us, doesn’t even come under our “Top 20 Priorities” now. Basically, we aren’t the exact same person as we were one year ago, one month ago or even one week ago for that matter.

There was a time in my life when I wanted to become a pilot. (Still cannot remember which movie I watched before announcing this) I even wrote a big essay on that typical topic with mom’s help, “What do you want to become when you grow up” . Even at 18, I do not know what all you have to do to fly an aeroplane, legally. After this, my dreams fluctuated from being a professor to being a RAW agent to god-knows-what. And today, I’m still as clueless as I would have been when first asked about this question.

From The Famous Five to The Fifty Shades Of Grey , from humming It’s a love story, baby just say yes to screaming Look what you made me do , from Facebook to Snapchat, we all have come along a long way. Yes, things have changed, more than we expected them to. They say it’s called “growing up” , I say it’s a part of life. Good or bad, after a period of time, things seem different from how they were earlier, even if they truly aren’t. When we’re exposed to new stuff, we either dislike it or adapt to it. And when that happens, things change.

The only thing constant in life is change.

Many of us have these sort of flashbacks every now and then. Sometimes, we’re surprised at how we were able to make it through certain situations. What leaves us puzzled is how we didn’t stick to that strong statement we made(I might just start exercising from tomorrow though) , how we’ve started dressing differently (Who knew we’d pay for torn jeans and cropped tops) , how our sleeping patterns would change(And I believed having 8 hours of sleep a day is compulsory) and what not. We never fail to amaze our own selves. The slightest peek-a-boo in my closet of bad memories takes me to the times I thought I’d never survive, the strengths I never knew I had, the abilities I hardly noticed and even the qualities I never thought would make me weak. But all that happened, unexpectedly. Most of it would have been your story too.

At one point, I want to sit and sob at every mistake I made and at the other, I want to laugh like a retard at those very same mistakes as they assisted me in growing to become the kind of awesome person that I am today (Come on, you got to admit that, I’m great. Ahem). What happened is history(Or even her-story. Equalist, duh) and it is always interesting. You can either debate about it or agree to it, it’s fun both ways.

What I gathered from this retrospective analysis is, I need more than just one cup of Chai to visit my past.

Stay happy. Stay blessed.

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4 thoughts on “Retrospective Thoughts”

  1. Your conclusion left me with laughter!!!! I, too, have experienced my change. For good or for bad… adaptation is the key! Wise words!

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    I hope you don’t find me pushy… It’s not meant to be.

    Just an invitation…

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    1. I’m glad I could bring a smile on your face. 🙂 Yes, adaption is the key. Thank you!

      I did check it out. As of now, I’m just starting with these daily prompts. As I’ll engage myself more into this, I’ll surely get back to it and try out the challenges. 🙂

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